We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow.

Brian Yang

Founder / CEO

Brian brings a wealth of sales and marketing experience to Performance Ignited, having spent 5 years at internet marketing agencies as sales rep, sales manager and VP general manager. A graduate of San Diego State University, Brian played college basketball for three years. When he’s not directing sales for Performance Ignited, Brian enjoys fishing, golf and traveling abroad.

Michelle Heffernan

Sr. Director of Marketing and Client Services

Before joining our team, Michelle gained extensive experience in a variety of sales, advertising and marketing positions. After a stint as account executive for a major media company, she transitioned into advertising agency account management where she moved from handling local to regional and national accounts. At Performance Ignited, Michelle is responsible for developing the company’s marketing strategy and branding campaign. In addition, she leads and manages the client service division for both in-house and partner based accounts. Michelle holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Louisville.

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Robert Smith


While working at various internet startups after his recent graduation, Robert had a single-minded goal of mastering affiliate marketing. His current projects drive thousands of dollars in revenue everyday from various channels at a profitable rate and he continues to refine and perfect his skills everyday.
Robert has perfected the art of direct response marketing with his unparalled copywriting skills – the art and science of persuading eyeballs into cash.

Jeff Wang


Jeff Wang graduated from Babson College in 2004 and after a year long stint in management consulting in NY, he went west to learn from the founders of several start-ups before deciding to work for Google in 2007.
While at Google, he launched several sites. Some failed, others flourished and he has been addicted to owning “online real estate” ever since.

Kevin Smith


Kevin has experience managing enterprise level SEO (Keyword research, content creation, link building, and strategy) and SEM campaigns (Display and re-marketing campaigns, landing page optimization, A/B testing). Kevin has worked with various agencies, including Canopy Brand Group, Ciplex and eCity Interactive doing SEO, PPC, Social Media campaigns (Including FB PPC and Linkedin PPC). In the past, Kevin has worked in-house and managed search-vendors and SEO campaigns at Comcast Entertainment Group (Now NBC Universal) in Los Angeles.
Kevin enjoys skiing, snowboarding, and road biking around San Diego.

Dan Turner


Dan runs his own successful digital marketing consultancy and has worked with local and global clients since his high school days. He is responsible for any PPC projects and can help our clients create a profitable lead funnel in very competitive niches.

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