It was great to see the pride in their faces as their presentations were delivered

International Targeting

We buy media in top tier 1 and tier 2 countries. We focus on quality and scalability.

Quality Leads

We understand that leads need to back out for the advertisers that we work with. So lead quality is always our primary focus.


We prefer to maintain campaigns that last more than a month. We focus on building good relationships and quality lead generation.


Speed is our #1 tool. We can adapt, evolve and transition to any vertical, any GEO at any time.

Revenue Generated
Customer Acquisitions
Countries Targeted


RAISE YOUR HAND if you know a business that would like more visitors to its website, more leads for its sales team — and more customers to fuel growth. Chances are your hand is up. We all know businesses that want to grow. There are millions of them.

Now, raise your hand if you love getting cold calls from eager sales people during dinner. Or spam emails with irrelevant offers in your inbox. How about pop-up ads when you’re trying to read an article on the Internet? No hands up? Didn’t think so. And, as it turns out, most other people share your sentiment.

The problem is that there’s a fundamental mismatch between how organizations are marketing and selling their offerings — and the way that people actually want to shop and buy.

Viral Campaign Spotlight

Working with the comical brand “Squatty Potty,” we were able to take its successful viral marketing campaign and increase its exposure by 1000%. The video has generated over 8 million views to date and continues to spread viraly across all social media channels.

What others are saying

Performance Ignited helped me outperform my competitors in the dating market by ranking all of my sites and videos higher than our competitors. We were able to capture the majority of the referral traffic for 2 key products!
David Keepa, Marketing Manger at Circle INteractive
Performance Ignited was able to build an immense dating advice site, and keep it running all these years. They have also been able to keep my rankings high among all the Google changes
Jessica Li, VP of Marketing at Emerson Inc.
Thank you guys for doing a speedy launch of my new website, it was very well designed and was converting with 6 weeks in a very competitive legal area.
Mario Lopez, CEO at Brilliant Diamond Inc.
They are master marketers and have an unusually effective ability to mass market my brand without breaking the bank. They understand viral marketing and ROI at the same time, incredible!
Mandy C., Chief Marketing Officer at BMI Inc.

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750 B St
San Diego, CA 92101

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